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Mitsubishi Chemical Group Plans New Semiconductor Materials Plant to Meet Rising Demand

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Mitsubishi Chemical Group, responding to the surge in investments from industry giants like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) in Japan’s semiconductor sector, is set to construct a new domestic plant dedicated to semiconductor materials. The facility will produce a crucial polymer for photoresist, a material pivotal in the chip fabrication process for defining circuit patterns through light exposure.

Anticipated to commence operations by the fiscal year ending March 2025, the new plant is part of Mitsubishi Chemical’s strategic move to align with the booming chip industry supply chain in Japan. This comes in the wake of TSMC’s plans to establish a facility in Kumamoto prefecture on Kyushu island, a testament to the burgeoning semiconductor-related investments in the region.

While the exact location for the new plant remains undecided, potential sites under consideration include Fukuoka prefecture in Kyushu. The venture is projected to require an investment of several billion yen, with 1 billion yen equating to approximately $6.7 million.

Currently, Mitsubishi Chemical exclusively produces photoresist material at its Tsurumi plant in Yokohama. This expansion is a strategic response to the escalating demand for semiconductor materials, positioning Mitsubishi Chemical Group to play a pivotal role in Japan’s thriving chip industry ecosystem.

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