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Hitachi Ventures into Generative AI Business with Six Venture Collaborations

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Hitachi, Ltd. is actively pursuing ventures in generative AI. A pitch event held in Tokyo on September 26th brought together six generative AI startups. These included ELYZA, founded by the University of Tokyo’s Matsuo Lab, focused on LLM development, and Launchable, led by Kosuke Kawaguchi, creator of the software test automation tool “Jenkins.” Other participants included ventures dealing with Personal Artificial Intelligence, data sets based on raw data, and AI chat system development.

Hitachi has formed a cross-sectional team dedicated to generative AI, comprising around 200 members from 26 departments across the group, spanning finance, electricity, retail, and consulting. This collaborative effort aims to forge new business projects by the year-end based on insights gained from discussions with each venture.

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