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CyberAgent Launches Game AI Lab and Animation AI Lab to Harness Generative AI in Game and Anime Production

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CyberAgent, a leading tech company, announced the establishment of two cutting-edge research institutes, namely the “Game AI Lab” and “Animation AI Lab,” on October 4th. These labs, developed in collaboration with CyberAgent’s AI technology research organization “AI Lab” and various divisions, are set to revolutionize the production processes of games and anime through the integration of generative AI technology.

The Game AI Lab will focus on redefining game development workflows by leveraging AI capabilities. This includes tasks like generating graphics and scenarios using large-scale language models. The objective is to streamline and enhance the creative aspects of game production.

Meanwhile, the Animation AI Lab, in partnership with the Anime Business Headquarters, will explore the potential of generative AI in anime production. This involves creating elements such as backgrounds, character images, movements, sounds, and background music. As a first step, the lab will concentrate on developing AI capable of generating animated advertisements.

Both research institutes are also committed to studying the prevention of unauthorized use of generative AI and implementing similarity detection mechanisms. This initiative aims to safeguard copyrights and maintain a thriving and lawful market. CyberAgent is dedicated to responsibly deploying and advancing generative AI technology within society.

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