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Yiguang International Secures Major Public Parking and Real Estate Management Contracts

Expanding into smart parking and real estate services, Yiguang International takes on Keelung City's public roadside parking and Nangang Software Park management
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Yiguang International, backed by Taiwan Shin Kong Security, has kicked off the year with significant business achievements. On January 1, the company commenced its operation of the outsourced billing business for public roadside parking in Keelung City. This venture includes installing smart car pillars in parking grids, tailored to the specific environment, enabling automated billing and real-time parking space monitoring.

Simultaneously, Yiguang International also won the bid to manage the “Nangang Software Park Service Center Public and Private,” a project under the Taipei Branch of the Industrial Park Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This comprehensive project encompasses managing shopping mall and exhibition venue rentals, parking lot operations, as well as renting out both large and small conference rooms and shared office spaces.

Established in 1998, Yiguang International has diversified its portfolio to include property management, mechanical and electrical maintenance, parking lot operations, and shopping mall management. The company first ventured into parking management in 2020 with the Xizhi area of New Taipei City, implementing a smart parking management system that received public acclaim. The Keelung City project furthers this venture with advanced smart pillar technology for license plate recognition and cloud connectivity, enhancing the parking experience for users.

Jian Dexiong, the General Manager of Yiguang, disclosed the company’s investment of nearly 20 million yuan in geomagnetic equipment for urban smart parking systems. This technology will enable real-time updates on parking space availability through a smart parking management system, accessible to the public via an app.

Yiguang boasts over 25 years of expertise in parking development planning and operation management, having developed more than 100 parking lots and 20,000 parking spaces across Taiwan. The company is currently collaborating with various county and city governments to promote the construction of smart parking management systems. With plans to expand the number of smart parking solutions and extend its reach to other regions, Yiguang International is actively positioning itself as a key player in the development of smart cities, focusing on smart transportation and parking solutions.

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