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Yageo to Become Largest Shareholder of Lizhi with Strategic Investment in Private Placement

Collaboration Aims to Enhance Market Share in High-Growth Electronic Components Sector
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Yageo, a leading passive component manufacturer, announced today its strategic investment in Lizhi through the subscription of 21 million private placement common shares. Following board resolutions from both companies, this move will see Yageo becoming the largest single shareholder of Lizhi, holding 20.23% of its newly issued ordinary shares. This partnership is expected to significantly enhance the market presence of both companies in the rapidly expanding electronic components industry.

Chen Taiming, founder and chairman of Yageo, emphasized the importance of offering not only high-quality products and services but also a comprehensive product portfolio in the competitive electronics industry. He highlighted Lizhi’s robust design capabilities in key semiconductor products, particularly multi-phase core power controllers and highly integrated power stage products, which complement Yageo’s existing offerings.

“Multi-phase core power controllers and highly integrated power stage products are critical components for CPUs, GPUs, and memories. This strategic investment with Lizhi will not only bolster Yageo’s footprint in the semiconductor industry but also enhance our collaboration with leading chip design companies globally,” said Chen. He added that this partnership will allow Yageo to engage with customers earlier in the design cycle, leveraging Yageo’s one-stop shopping service platform to deliver more differentiated products and value-added services.

Lizhi’s chairman, Xu Xianyue, welcomed Yageo as a strategic partner through this private placement, noting the synergy between Yageo’s strong component brand and global sales channels with Lizhi’s market expansion strategies. Xu highlighted that this partnership will expedite Lizhi’s penetration into high-performance computing, automotive, industrial, and medical application markets, as well as high-end regions like North America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

“The financial resources, global reach, and management expertise gained through this partnership will fortify Lizhi’s financial structure and secure its leading position in the industry. We aim to broaden our business scope and become a leading manufacturer in the power component sector, offering high value-added products and solutions,” Xu stated.

Lizhi stands out as a premier power chip design manufacturer, capable of providing both power management chips (PMIC) and semiconductor power components (Power Discrete). The company specializes in high-density power solutions and efficient power component technology. Its product range includes power management chips, highly integrated power stage products, single-chip power converters, battery protection chips, discrete power components, and gallium nitride (GaN) power solutions. These products span five key platforms: computing, networking, battery protection and management, industrial, and consumer sectors.

This strategic investment by Yageo reaffirms its unique position in the global electronics supply chain and its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in high-growth markets such as AI, high-speed computing, industrial, and automotive applications. The partnership with Lizhi is set to create new business opportunities and drive innovation in the electronic components industry.



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