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Wiwynn Navigates Market Challenges, Sets Sights on Long-term Data Center Growth

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Server leader Wiwynn reports earnings per share (EPS) of 14.96 yuan for Q3, maintaining stability on a quarterly basis but witnessing a 39.4% year-on-year dip. In the first three quarters, it logs 48.78 yuan per share, reflecting a 16.58% annual decrease.

The company’s Q3 revenue stands at 52.817 billion yuan, down 6.2% quarter-to-quarter and 33.7% year-on-year. Despite revenue challenges, Wiwynn maintains stable profit margins through prudent cost control measures. Looking ahead, Wiwynn plans to focus on data center technology to address the long-term growth potential in the cloud industry and AI servers. This includes building a new factory in Tainan, an investment estimated at about 6.2 billion yuan, to manufacture server circuit boards.

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