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Wistron Reports Record Profit Margins in 2023, Driven by AI Server Focus

Wistron's AI server strategy leads to unprecedented growth, setting new profit records
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Wistron, a key player in AI server manufacturing, has reported impressive financial results for 2023. The company’s gross profit margin climbed to 7.9%, the highest in its history. This performance reflects a noteworthy increase of 2.76% from the previous year, with after-tax net profits reaching 11.47 billion yuan. The earnings per share (EPS) also rose to 4.08 yuan, marking a significant annual growth of 1.74% – a peak since 2012.

Despite a 11.9% drop in overall net revenue, amounting to NT$866.5 billion, Wistron’s strategic focus on AI servers and efficient operational management led to a continuous growth in profit margins. This includes a gross profit margin increase of 0.82 percentage points and a net profit margin boost to 2.1%, up 0.07 percentage points from the previous year. Remarkably, this marks the eighth consecutive year of margin increase, achieving the fourth highest margin in the company’s history.

Wistron’s competitor, Wiwynn, also reported their financials, showing mixed results with a revenue decrease but improved profit margins. Wiwynn’s after-tax net profit and EPS both decreased by 15% despite their gross and net profit margins showing increases.

Focusing on the future, Wistron is set to double its performance in the AI server sector. The company plans to expand production capacity with new facilities in Hukou and Hsinchu, anticipating growth across various business segments, including automotive and desktop sectors. The company’s standing as a leading OEM in the AI server industry is further solidified through strategic collaborations and product developments, positioning Wistron for continued success in the evolving tech landscape.

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