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WIN Semiconductors Sees 18-Month Revenue High in November, Fueled by Mobile Phone PA Orders

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Gallium arsenide wafer foundry WIN Semiconductors unveiled robust financials, announcing a November revenue of 1.61 billion yuan. The monthly increase of 1.26% and a substantial annual surge of 31.1% mark an 18-month high. WIN Semiconductors’s cumulative revenue for January to November this year, despite a year-on-year decrease of 17.8%, reflects the positive momentum generated by the rebound in mobile phone Power Amplifier (PA) orders.

During a recent conference, WIN Semiconductors projected a promising outlook, attributing the surge to heightened demand for Chinese mobile phone PA orders and improved infrastructure business compared to the third quarter. The continued increase in the capacity utilization rate is anticipated to lead to an estimated 10-13% revenue growth in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter. The gross profit margin for the same period is expected to hover around 25%.

Industry experts believe that the upward trend in demand is poised to persist until the Lunar New Year next year. WIN Semiconductors’s optimistic projections underscore the resilience and sustained growth potential fueled by the rebound in mobile phone PA orders, positioning the company for a favorable trajectory in the coming months.

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