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Wan Hai Lines Invests Over 10 Billion Yuan in Kaohsiung Port Expansion

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Wan Hai Lines is set to significantly expand its operations with a substantial investment exceeding 10 billion yuan in Kaohsiung Port, Taiwan. The company plans to transform Piers 79 to 81 and the container yard of the fifth container center into a state-of-the-art container base. The groundbreaking ceremony for this ambitious project was held today, marking a major step forward in the port’s development.

Scheduled for completion and operation in 2026, this renovation will double the overall operating area of Kaohsiung Port. The future operating volume is expected to reach a remarkable 2 million TEU, signifying a substantial increase in capacity and efficiency.

Wan hai’s longstanding relationship with Kaohsiung Port dates back to 1987 when it first leased Pier 42, later moving to Piers 63 and 64 in 1994. The latest expansion to Piers 79 to 81, along with the adjoining container yard, will feature advanced technologies, including remote-controlled bridge cranes, gantry cranes, and intelligent control stations. The terminal will also see a large-scale introduction of electric tractors and stackers, aligning with global trends towards sustainable port operations.

In conjunction with Wan Hai’s expansion, the Kaohsiung Port Branch will undertake a dredging project at the Fifth Container Center Terminal. This project aims to deepen the water at piers 77 to 79 to minus 17.5 meters, accommodating post-Panamax container ships. This enhancement will facilitate Wan Hai Lines’s ability to allocate transshipment containers to Kaohsiung Port, thereby boosting its role as a pivotal hub in global maritime transport.

This development represents a significant investment in Taiwan’s maritime infrastructure and is poised to reinforce Kaohsiung Port’s position as a leading player in the international shipping industry. With the new generation container base, Wan Hai Lines is not only expanding its operational capabilities but also setting new standards in port technology and efficiency.

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