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United Integrated Services Achieves Record Profits and Announces Historic Dividend Following TSMC Projects

Surging revenue from semiconductor facility projects propels United Integrated Services to new profit heights, with shareholders set to receive a landmark dividend payout
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United Integrated Services (UIS), renowned for its critical role in dust-free room projects, particularly for TSMC’s cutting-edge facilities, has reported a remarkable financial performance for the past year. The company’s after-tax net profit soared to 4.655 billion yuan, marking a 16.37% increase from the previous year and setting a new benchmark for profitability with an earnings per share of 24.82 yuan.

This financial upswing is attributed to Hantang’s strategic involvement in significant projects, including the TSMC U.S. plant and Taiwan’s advanced 2nm facility, which have evidently fueled the company’s revenue surge to 68.889 billion yuan, a 42.92% jump, achieving an all-time high. Despite a marginal dip in the gross profit margin to 10.93%, the firm’s operational and net profits have reached unprecedented levels, reflecting robust growth, albeit at a pace slightly trailing the revenue uptick.

The board’s decision to declare a record gold dividend of 21 yuan per share underscores the company’s strong financial health and commitment to rewarding its shareholders, translating to an impressive distribution rate of nearly 85%. This announcement comes amidst UIS’s stock reaching a zenith of 419.5 yuan, bolstered by consistent buying trends and market support, although it witnessed a subsequent pullback to 378 yuan, influenced by varying investment flows.

UIS’s stellar financial results and the subsequent reward to its shareholders highlight the company’s robust position in the semiconductor industry’s supply chain, particularly in facilitating the infrastructure for next-gen chip production. With its track record of profitability and strategic industry collaborations, UIS stands poised to capitalize on the ongoing semiconductor expansion, driven by global demands for more advanced technological capabilities.

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