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Uni-President Chairman Addresses Global Economic Weakness and Debt Crisis, Anticipates Ongoing Challenges

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In the face of a fragile global economy, Uni-President Group Chairman, Luo Zhixian, underscores the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the world’s economic landscape. Expressing concern over the widespread uncertainty, he emphasizes the limitations of year-beginning predictions, citing their inaccuracy by year-end. In light of the prevailing challenges, Luo Zhixian discourages excessive focus on forecasting, instead expressing the hope that the upcoming year’s economy won’t surpass the difficulties faced in the current year.

Luo Zhixian identifies a shared global concern—the mounting debt burden across economies. He warns that unless this fundamental issue is addressed, governments worldwide will grapple with substantial pressures in resource allocation and face persistent challenges in managing essential industries that directly impact people’s livelihoods.

Discussing Uni-President’s acquisition of Carrefour Taiwan, Luo Zhixian acknowledges the reported losses of 1.387 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year. He attributes the losses to a meticulous approach taken by the management team post-acquisition, implementing stringent standards to eliminate uncertainties and reducing inventory to zero. While this process resulted in accounting losses, Luo Zhixian assures a comprehensive sorting of Carrefour’s accounts in the first year. He anticipates a multiplied impact in the following year’s accounting subjects, emphasizing the need for a three-year horizon for increased accuracy in reflecting the true financial picture.

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