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U-NEXT HOLDINGS Reports Robust Q3 Growth Across Key Segments

Strong performance in content distribution and business systems segments; energy business growth remains moderate
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U-NEXT HOLDINGS has reported a notable increase in its consolidated financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending August 2024. The company recorded sales of 235.537 billion yen, reflecting a 16.5% year-over-year increase. Operating profit soared to 23.533 billion yen, up 51.2%, while ordinary profit rose 56.9% to 23.006 billion yen. Net profit reached 13.014 billion yen, marking a 55.5% increase from the same period last year.

The company’s diversified portfolio saw growth across all segments except for its energy business. The content distribution business led the charge with a 35.6% rise in sales to 80.197 billion yen, and an operating profit increase of 33.4% to 6.538 billion yen. The store service business posted a 10.4% increase in sales to 52.047 billion yen, with operating profit up 10.9% at 8.246 billion yen.

The communications business reported a sales increase of 10.2% to 47.703 billion yen, and a 13.3% rise in operating profit to 5.491 billion yen. The business systems segment experienced substantial growth, with sales up 48.0% to 20.441 billion yen, and operating profit skyrocketing 168.9% to 4.896 billion yen. The energy business, despite being the laggard, saw sales increase by 7.0% to 38.766 billion yen, and operating profit improved by 133.1% to 5.048 billion yen.

Looking ahead, U-NEXT forecasts sales of 316 billion yen for the full fiscal year, a 14.3% increase. Operating profit is expected to reach 28.5 billion yen, up 32.2%, with ordinary profit anticipated at 27.5 billion yen, a 34.9% rise. Net profit is projected at 14.7 billion yen, up 34.1%, with an EPS forecast of 244.50 yen. The company has achieved 74.5% of its sales target, 82.6% of its operating profit goal, 83.7% of its ordinary profit aim, and 88.5% of its net profit target for the fiscal year.



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