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TTY Biopharm Forms Strategic Alliance with Roche to Enhance Cancer Care

The partnership aims to boost Taiwan's oncology sector, leveraging TTY Biopharm's robust pharmaceutical expertise
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TTY Biopharm has entered a strategic partnership with Roche, focusing on enhancing the availability and marketing of the cancer treatment Avastin Bevacizumab. This collaboration assigns TTY Biopharm the marketing responsibilities for Avastin in specific cancer domains, while Roche continues to manage broader marketing initiatives and support medical academic activities, including clinical trials and research. This alliance is set to broaden TTY Biopharm’s cancer drug portfolio significantly.

Roche, a global pioneer in healthcare with a 125-year history, specializes in oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases, and neuroscience. This partnership is expected to leverage Roche’s extensive expertise, thereby intensifying the impact on Taiwan’s cancer patient care and strengthening the local pharmaceutical industry’s capabilities.

TTY Biopharm is recognized for its innovation in pharmaceuticals, consistently engaging in the development, manufacture, and distribution of advanced drugs. The company has a strong track record in clinical trials, contributing to its status as a top cancer pharmaceutical brand in Taiwan. The collaboration with Roche is anticipated to further TTY Biopharm’s growth, enhance its international presence, and deliver cutting-edge healthcare solutions to a broader patient base. This strategic move is a testament to Taiwan Toyo’s commitment to advancing healthcare and its strategy of blending international partnerships with local expertise to foster innovation and expand its market reach.

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