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TSMC Plans Advanced Packaging Plant in Pingtung Amidst Concerns Over Resources

Pingtung County assures sufficient land, water, and green electricity for industrial needs
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)  has announced plans to establish an advanced packaging plant in Pingtung. This move has sparked concerns about potential challenges related to land availability, water supply, and electricity. Addressing these worries, the Pingtung County Government emphasized that the county is well-prepared to support TSMC’s needs.

The Pingtung County Government highlighted that the county has 173.16 hectares of industrial park space under development, including Pingtung Science Park and the expansion area of the Science and Technology Industrial Park. These areas are strategically planned to accommodate industrial growth and meet the demands of new enterprises.

Water resources in Pingtung are abundant, with significant groundwater and underground water reserves capable of supporting industrial requirements. Additionally, the county boasts the distinction of being the first in the nation to achieve RE100, ensuring that all livelihood-related power is sourced from green energy. This aligns well with the needs of international businesses focused on sustainability.

Support for the semiconductor industry is further bolstered by the construction of a neon gas extraction and storage facility in Pingtung, a crucial element for wafer manufacturing processes. This infrastructure development is set to enhance the attractiveness of Pingtung for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

In terms of electricity, Pingtung County has positioned itself as a leader in ESG initiatives, successfully implementing green power solutions. This commitment ensures a reliable and sustainable energy supply for enterprises like TSMC.

Reiterating its readiness, the Pingtung County Government pointed out that the city’s comprehensive living amenities and ongoing infrastructure projects make Pingtung an ideal location for TSMC’s new venture. The government expressed confidence in its ability to meet all necessary conditions to support the semiconductor giant’s expansion plans.

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