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Toyota Halts Shipments of Models with Engine Test Irregularities

Suspension affects 10 models including Hiace van and Land Cruiser, following revelations of certification test discrepancies
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Toyota Motor has announced a temporary suspension of shipments for some car models after discovering irregularities in engine part certification tests. This decision affects 10 vehicle models sold globally, including the Hiace van and Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle. The issue surfaced when an independent panel revealed that Toyota Industries, which develops diesel engines for Toyota Motor, manipulated horsepower output tests during certification.

The discrepancy was found in three diesel engine models specifically developed for Toyota Motor, where employees used different software for test results compared to that used in mass production. Despite the mass-produced engines meeting performance standards, Toyota decided to suspend shipments of the implicated models.

This setback comes on the heels of Toyota Industries admitting to regulatory breaches in emissions performance certification for engines used in forklifts and construction equipment in March 2023. The internal probe further identified irregularities in seven engine models for industrial vehicles and three for cars.

Haruka Matsuyama, a lawyer and panel member, highlighted the complexity of the situation, noting the challenge for Toyota Motor to detect these minor irregularities. Toyota Industries President Koichi Ito acknowledged the lack of adequate communication with Toyota Motor and the absence of an agreed-upon testing process as contributing factors.

This incident adds to a series of quality control issues within the Toyota group, including recent safety test flaws found at Daihatsu Motor, a Toyota subsidiary, and emission data falsification at Hino Motors. These revelations have raised concerns about the group’s oversight of its affiliates. Toyota Motor is scheduled to hold a press conference to discuss its future strategy and address these group-wide concerns.

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