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Toppan Holdings Acquires Former iPhone Display Plant for Semiconductor Expansion

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Toppan Holdings, the Japanese printing and materials group, has strategically acquired the Nomi plant in Ishikawa prefecture, formerly operated by bankrupt display maker JOLED. The facility, once dedicated to producing OLED displays for iPhones, will undergo transformation to cater to the semiconductor industry.

Toppan’s vision is to utilize the Nomi plant for manufacturing FC-BGA substrates crucial for semiconductor packaging and establish a product development center. The company anticipates initiating production in 2027 or later, marking a significant expansion of its capacity for FC-BGA substrates.

While the purchase price and capital investment details remain undisclosed, this move aligns with Toppan’s ambitious plan to quadruple FC-BGA substrate capacity from fiscal 2022 levels. The Niigata prefecture plant, Toppan’s sole facility for this material, faces spatial limitations, prompting the strategic acquisition.

The Nomi plant’s equipment, previously dedicated to OLED display production, is adaptable for FC-BGA substrate manufacturing and product development. Toppan aims to invest approximately 60 billion yen ($407 million) over the next three years to bolster production capacity for various electronic products, with a focus on semiconductor substrates.

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