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Tokyo Electron Pioneers Advanced Semiconductor Processes with Exclusive EUV Equipment

R&D Expansion in Taiwan to Boost TEL's Leading Market Position
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Tokyo Electron (TEL), the world’s sole provider of four critical continuous process equipment—deposition, coating/development, etching, and cleaning—is set to further strengthen its market position as the semiconductor industry evolves. TEL Miyagi President Hiromitsu Kanbara emphasized the importance of advanced etching technology for 3D chip designs, noting that as the complexity of vertical stacking increases, so does the demand for more sophisticated equipment.

TEL’s collaboration with major EUV manufacturers, which hold nearly 100% market share, positions the company to benefit directly from every EUV shipment. TEL is almost exclusive in the coating/development phase, ensuring its equipment is integral to the most advanced manufacturing processes. This synergy is set to deepen as TEL expands its R&D capabilities in Taiwan, including the addition of a new clean room to meet the accelerated demands of cutting-edge chip production.

The company’s stock, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has surged 37% this year, closing at 34,800 yen on the 27th, with a market value of 16.41 trillion yen (approximately NT$3.33 trillion). TEL’s commitment to innovation is evident in its establishment of an R&D center in Taiwan, originally set up in 1996. The planned expansion will further cement Taiwan’s pivotal role in the global semiconductor supply chain.

TEL’s global presence, with 87 locations across 19 countries, and its substantial workforce in Taiwan underscore the strategic importance of its operations. The company’s advanced Grinder product, designed for wafer planarization and surface cleaning, exemplifies its dedication to precision and innovation in semiconductor manufacturing.

As Japan’s semiconductor industry seeks to regain its foothold, initiatives like Rapidus, supported by the Japanese government and eight corporations, highlight the critical role of companies like TEL. Rapidus aims to establish Japan as a leader in 2-nanometer wafer production, with TEL playing a pivotal role in providing the necessary advanced equipment.

With a nearly 100% market share in the coating/development process and strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, TEL is well-positioned to continue its industry dominance as it supports the next generation of semiconductor technologies.




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