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Toei Animation’s ONN’ON STUDIOS to Host “Virtual Anime Fes” in Innovative VR Space

Showcasing New Projects and Technologies, the Event Marks a Leap in Digital Entertainment Experience
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Toei Animation, Japan’s foremost animation production company, is expanding its creative horizons by embracing cutting-edge visual expressions and technologies. A prime example of this innovative direction is “ONN’ON STUDIOS,” which has developed a unique virtual space on VRChat. This virtual realm features worlds with varied themes, offering new digital experiences.

ONN’ON STUDIOS is set to host “Virtual Anime Fes” on January 27, 2024, in this immersive virtual environment. The event will introduce a new lineup of ONN’ON STUDIOS’ projects, promising an exciting showcase for fans and industry professionals alike.

A highlight of the event is the announcement of a new film by the production team behind “Expelled from Paradise.” Released in 2014, “Expelled from Paradise” garnered attention for its innovative use of 3DCG animation and cel-look characters, marking a milestone in CG animation techniques. The movie, acclaimed for its future world depiction by director Seiji Mizushima and scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Enthusiasm is high for what this talented team will unveil next.

“Virtual Anime Fes” will also feature appearances by voice actors Yoshiro Miura and Shuhei Asano from “Correct Answer Kado,” as well as Hitomi Kikuchi, who portrays Clarice in “Kaiju Decode.” Additionally, the event will announce the release of Mixed Reality (MR) games, indicating a further blend of the physical and digital worlds in entertainment.

Scheduled to run from 15:00 to 17:00 on January 27th, “Virtual Anime Fes” is accessible only to those who register in advance for the main venue, while the sub-venue is open to all. The event will also be live-streamed, allowing a broader audience to participate and view the festivities free of charge. Further details and updates on the event are available on the ONN’ON STUDIOS official website.

This event marks a significant step for Toei Animation and ONN’ON STUDIOS in bridging traditional animation with new digital frontiers. By utilizing virtual reality and mixed reality technologies, they are not only enhancing the anime experience but also pioneering new forms of storytelling and audience engagement. As the animation industry continues to evolve, initiatives like “Virtual Anime Fes” demonstrate the endless possibilities that modern technology brings to the world of entertainment.

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