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Toei Animation Dives into Music Event Arena with Tomofumi “JOE” Miyawaki

Renowned Drummer Joins Toei Animation Music Publishing to Spearhead Expansion in Live Concerts
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Toei Animation, a titan in the anime industry, is making a significant stride into the live and concert business through its subsidiary, Toei Animation Music Publishing. The company has inked a deal with one of Japan’s premier drummers, Tomofumi “JOE” Miyawaki, leveraging his expertise to bolster its presence in the music event domain.

Toei Animation, known for hit series like “PreCure,” “Dragon Ball,” and “ONE PIECE,” has long been a powerhouse in animation production, program sales, and license management. Now, they’re tapping into the potential of music events and stages, a sector previously unexplored by the company. This move aligns with the trend of expanding secondary developments in the anime business, especially in the realm of live events.

Miyawaki’s role will be multifaceted. Apart from continuing his career as a distinguished drum player, he will actively engage in planning and producing music events for Toei Animation. This partnership marks a new chapter for both Miyawaki and Toei, marrying musical talent with the company’s extensive reach in animation and entertainment.

Toei Animation Music Publishing, established in 2001, has been at the forefront of managing music production for Toei’s related works. Collaborating with various stakeholders in the industry, including TV stations and production companies, it has developed a unique style that stands out in the animation production sector. Toei has initiated a variety of innovative projects, such as creating albums based on anime music, discovering and nurturing vocal talents, and industry collaborations.

With Miyawaki’s entry, Toei is set to further diversify and enrich its portfolio, venturing into the vibrant and lucrative live and concert business. This expansion signifies Toei’s ambition to not only maintain its status as a leader in animation but also to become a formidable player in the global music event scene.

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