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Tatung Intelligent and Merida Partner to Build Solar Power Plant for Sustainable Energy Future

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Tatung, the established home appliance manufacturer, announced today that its energy service subsidiary, Tatung Intelligent, held a solar photovoltaic construction signing ceremony with Merida, a prominent Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer. The partnership involves the joint construction of a solar power plant in Changhua, where Tatung Intelligent will oversee the project. With the completion of the 976.10kWp (peak power) solar power plant, Merida aims to integrate more carbon-reducing elements into its bicycles.

Bicycles have long been considered an eco-friendly mode of transportation, aligning with global efforts to promote sustainability. Tatung Intelligent’s General Manager, Huang Yunwei, emphasized that the collaboration between the two companies is a mutually beneficial effort to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy future. Zheng Wenxiang, Deputy General Manager of Merida Industrial, expressed that this venture is Merida’s foray into a new field and marks a promising start for the company’s commitment to a green energy future.

Upon completion, the solar power plant is projected to generate over 1.3 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually, contributing to a reduction of approximately 603 metric tons of carbon emissions each year. This initiative is a significant stride for Merida towards achieving its sustainable goal of net-zero emissions. Future plans may involve the addition of off-balance sheet storage and energy equipment to integrate with the factory’s energy management system, addressing power regulation and carbon reduction needs across the entire factory area. Datong Intelligent, leveraging its expertise, will be responsible for design and manufacturing supervision.

Datong emphasized that Merida, recognized as a symbol of Taiwan’s high-quality products, holds a prominent position in the global market for bicycles. With green supply chains gaining international traction and the implementation of carbon tariff policies by entities like the European Union and the United States, Taiwanese brands are actively embracing green energy strategies to enhance their international competitiveness, elevate brand value, and align with global sustainability trends. The collaboration between Tatung Intelligent and Merida is expected to extend into the future, with Tatung Group leveraging its extensive resources to assist Merida in developing a tailored net-zero carbon emission plan.

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