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Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Approves Two Major Investment Projects in Electronics and Energy

Coupang and TCC Secure Approval for Expanding Business in Taiwan and Investing in Energy Systems Abroad
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The Investment Review Department of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has greenlighted two significant investment cases, signaling a progressive move in the nation’s electronics and energy sectors. The approvals came during the department’s 3rd investment review meeting held today.

The first approval was granted to Coupang for a substantial capital increase of NT$2.475 billion. This investment is earmarked for the expansion of its electronic commerce operations within Taiwan, primarily focused on fresh food, food, beverages, and daily necessities. The allocated funds will be utilized to replenish working capital, facilitating payments to suppliers and advertisers. Moreover, future plans include expanding its logistics center business to further scale its operations in Taiwan.

The second case involves Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd.’s international venture, with an investment of US$202 million in TCC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED, located in the British Cayman Islands. This company, chiefly engaged in investment holding activities, owns NHOA SA, a French-listed entity. The investment will be directed towards energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging piles, and electric vehicle charging base stations, highlighting Taiwan Cement’s commitment to diversifying into the energy sector.

These approvals by the Investment Review Committee mark a significant step towards bolstering Taiwan’s presence in both the global electronics market and the emerging field of energy solutions. With these investments, both Coupang and TCC are set to make substantial contributions to their respective industries, reflecting Taiwan’s growing role in the international business landscape.

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