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Taipei Fubon Bank Expands to India with New Mumbai Branch

The move aims to support Taiwanese and Indian enterprises by offering financing and loan opportunities
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Taipei Fubon Bank, a subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holding Co, has received the nod from Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission to establish a branch in Mumbai, marking a strategic expansion into the burgeoning Indian market. This decision reflects the bank’s confidence in India’s growth potential and its commitment to facilitating financial services for both Taiwanese investors and Indian businesses. The upcoming Mumbai branch is poised to offer a range of financial solutions, including international syndicated loans, to support the economic endeavors of companies in both regions.

This venture is part of Taiwan’s broader New Southbound Policy, aiming to diversify its trade partnerships beyond China by strengthening ties with countries in South and Southeast Asia, along with Australia and New Zealand. The policy underscores the importance of India as a pivotal economic partner. Taipei Fubon Bank’s expansion into Mumbai not only signifies its fourth Taiwanese banking operation in India but also aligns with the bank’s international growth strategy, which already includes branches and offices across Asia and Australia. This move is anticipated to further consolidate Fubon Financial’s position as a leading financial institution, building on its recent achievement as Taiwan’s most profitable financial entity.

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