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SK Telecom Expands AI Pet Diagnostic Service to U.S. with Vetology Partnership

SK Telecom's X Caliber Joins Forces with Vetology to Revolutionize Veterinary Diagnostics in the U.S.
South Korea
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South Korea’s SK Telecom Co. has announced a significant partnership with U.S.-based Vetology, a leader in veterinary diagnostic radiology. This collaboration aims to launch SK Telecom’s innovative AI pet diagnostic assistant service, X Caliber, in the U.S. market. X Caliber, which was first introduced in South Korea in September 2022, leverages artificial intelligence to assist veterinarians in accurately diagnosing diseases through the analysis of pet X-ray images.

Vetology, established in 2011, brings extensive experience to this partnership, providing remote imaging interpretation services to over 3,000 animal clinics across the United States. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the two companies will enable the sharing of data and AI technology, combining SK Telecom’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with Vetology’s veterinary expertise and extensive data resources. This union is poised to substantially improve the precision and scope of current AI-based imaging diagnostic tools in the veterinary field.

Moreover, both SK Telecom and Vetology are committed to the development of innovative AI solutions in veterinary science. Their goal is to not only dominate the U.S. market but also to set new standards in veterinary diagnostics globally.

In a parallel strategic move, SK Telecom has also formed a partnership with Vieworks, a South Korean company known for exporting X-ray detectors and medical devices to over 100 countries. This collaboration focuses on developing new software that integrates SK Telecom’s AI technology in X Caliber with Vieworks’ digital radiography software, VXview. The synergy from this collaboration is anticipated to yield an integrated medical imaging solution, featuring the newly developed software. This advanced solution is expected to be unveiled in the first half of the year, marking a significant advancement in medical imaging technology.

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