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Simplo Technology Reports Q3 Net Profit of 1.586 Billion Yuan, Expects Growth in Q4 Amid Industry Opportunities

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Simplo Technology, a leading battery module manufacturer, discloses a third-quarter net profit of 1.586 billion yuan, reflecting a 17% quarterly increase but a 22% annual decline. Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter stand at 8.58 yuan. Despite the annual decrease, Simplo Technology declares a cash dividend of 10 yuan per share, demonstrating an improved payout ratio of 71% compared to the previous year. The company anticipates a stable or slightly increased performance in the fourth quarter, driven by the recovery of e-sports demand and the business demand surge linked to Windows system upgrades. Looking ahead to 2024, Simplo Technology expects a wave of machine replacements, propelled by the e-sports recovery and new opportunities emerging from AI PC applications. Third-quarter revenue reaches 22.029 billion yuan, marking an 11% quarterly increase but a 10% annual decline. The gross profit margin remains steady at 14%. Simplo Technology’s subsidiary, AES-KY, reports third-quarter revenue of 2.254 billion yuan and a net profit of 446 million yuan. The company maintains an optimistic outlook, foreseeing AI applications driving increased demand for hardware upgrades.

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