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Sega Sammy Boosts R&D Spending by 27.9% for Entertainment Content

Major game releases drive investment surge, while overall sales climb 19.4%
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Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. announced a significant increase in its research and development (R&D) expenses for the entertainment content sector, with a projected spend of ¥47,984 million for the fiscal year ending March 2024. This marks a 27.9% rise from the previous year and more than doubles the ¥23,197 million allocated in the fiscal year ending March 2016.

The increased investment is geared towards developing and releasing high-profile titles such as “Sonic Superstars,” “Yakuza 8,” “Persona 3 Reloaded,” and “Football Manager 2024.” These releases are part of Sega’s strategic push to strengthen its consumer sector portfolio.

Despite this surge in game development investment, the amusement machine business, another significant segment of Sega Sammy, saw a 3.5% decline in R&D spending, totaling ¥13,416 million. In contrast, the company’s resort business experienced an 86.4% increase in spending, reaching ¥220 million.

Overall, Sega Sammy reported a 19.4% increase in sales, amounting to ¥61,365 million. This growth highlights the company’s commitment to expanding its entertainment content offerings and adapting to evolving market demands.

With this robust financial performance, Sega Sammy continues to position itself as a leader in the entertainment industry, leveraging increased R&D investment to drive future growth and innovation.



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