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Roche Partners with Biodyne for Advanced Cervical Cancer Diagnostics

Biodyne's Innovative Blowing Technology Promises Near-Perfect Accuracy in Cancer Screening
South Korea
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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Swiss healthcare giant Roche is set to revolutionize cervical cancer diagnostics using South Korean Biodyne Co.’s advanced technology. The technology, known for its high precision, leverages a unique “blowing technique” to spread cells uniformly, enhancing test accuracy to near perfection.

The deal, detailed in a recent regulatory filing, extends until February 6, 2039, with an automatic renewal clause every five years. This partnership represents a significant stride in the diagnostic sector, with Biodyne receiving an initial 8 billion won ($6 million) in milestone payments from Roche, alongside ongoing royalties.

February 2019 marked the initial agreement between the two companies, transferring various liquid-based cytology patents, including the blowing technology. However, details remained under wraps due to a non-disclosure agreement, at a time when Biodyne wasn’t yet publicly listed.

This collaboration is a milestone for Biodyne, marking its first licensing agreement with a global pharmaceutical giant for royalties. Expected annual royalties from Roche exceed 100 billion won, bolstering Biodyne’s financial position significantly. Roche plans to launch the cervical cancer diagnostic kits incorporating this technology in the latter half of the year, following successful manufacturing preparations.

The potential of this technology extends beyond cervical cancer. Discussions are underway to adapt it for other cancers, including lung and colorectal, potentially elevating annual royalties to 150-160 billion won. This expansion into new markets, particularly in regions with underdeveloped medical

services, could revolutionize cancer diagnostics, promising a brighter future in global healthcare. As Biodyne CEO Im Wook-bin emphasizes, opting for royalties over rapid company expansion aligns with their strategic vision, balancing growth with sustainable innovation. The anticipation of new diagnostic kits in the coming years showcases a commitment to improving cancer detection and treatment worldwide.

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