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POSCO Holdings Makes Breakthrough in Domestic Production of Lithium Production Components

In Partnership with WSK, POSCO Aims to Stabilize Lithium Supply and Reduce Costs with Locally Produced Electrodialysis Membranes
South Korea
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POSCO Holdings, in a significant step towards self-reliance in secondary battery materials, has announced its success in domestically producing essential components for lithium production equipment. In collaboration with W-Scope Korea (WSK), the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop and localize electrodialysis membranes, crucial for lithium extraction.

This collaboration marks a significant shift from reliance on imports, as previously, there were no domestic manufacturers for these components. The electrodialysis membrane, vital in lithium extraction technology, will now be produced in South Korea by POSCO Holdings, a first for the nation.

The joint development of this equipment began in 2021. POSCO’s lithium extraction technology, which employs electrodialysis, is noted for its environmental friendliness and low maintenance costs, allowing for the recovery of secondary raw materials without generating by-products. The new equipment is set to be operational in POSCO Holdings’ lithium commercialization plant starting next year.

This initiative promises a more stable and cost-effective procurement of key components for lithium production. It also signifies a strategic move for WSK, expecting a boost in sales as it ventures into the burgeoning electrodialysis membrane market. This collaboration underlines the companies’ commitment to innovation and sustainability in the rapidly evolving secondary battery materials industry.

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