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POSCO Group Unveils Eco-Friendly Technology to Renault, Eyes Expanded Partnership Beyond Steel Supply

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POSCO Group has introduced its cutting-edge eco-friendly material technology and flagship products to Renault, a prominent French automaker. Beyond supplying steel for Renault vehicles, the collaboration now extends to secondary batteries and hydrogen.

On the 19th, POSCO Group announced the ‘POSCO Group Tech Day’ event held at the Renault R&D Center in France on the 16th (local time). This marks the second occurrence of the Tech Day event since 2011, demonstrating POSCO Group’s commitment to understanding evolving market dynamics and customer demands, offering proactive technology and product development.

Establishing a robust partnership with Renault primarily in the steel sector, POSCO Group aims to fortify this strategic alliance by expanding cooperation into the realms of secondary battery materials and hydrogen. The event featured major steel products such as sheets for automobile bodies and chassis, alongside electrical steel sheets for environmentally friendly vehicle drive motors. Additionally, the exhibition included secondary battery materials like lithium, nickel, anode, and cathode materials, as well as technologies pertinent to the hydrogen business.

Key figures from POSCO Holdings, including Kim Ji-yong, Head of the Future Technology Research Institute (CTO), and Hong Young-jun, Head of the Secondary Battery Materials Research Institute, graced the event. Approximately 600 executives and employees from Renault’s technology and purchasing departments attended, according to POSCO Group. Kim Ji-yong expressed the commitment to broaden the partnership with Renault Group, encompassing all aspects of eco-friendly future materials such as secondary battery materials and hydrogen. The goal is to foster a strategic alliance that leads the carbon-neutral and global eco-friendly car market.

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