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OCI Holdings Hosts Charity Event in Sarawak to Bolster Local Community Relations

Event Focused on Cultural Exchange and Fundraising for Disabled and Youth Projects
South Korea
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OCI Holdings Co., a key player in the solar energy sector, recently held a charity event in Sarawak, Malaysia, as part of its efforts to foster stronger community ties in the region. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to the local community, home to its solar-grade polysilicon production plant.

Organized by OCIM Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of OCI Holdings, the event spanned January 19 and 20, featuring a Korean cooking class and a cultural exchange program. The cooking class, led by renowned Korean chef Bae Jae-hoon, was a highlight, drawing spouses of Sarawak’s political and business leaders. Participants engaged in making Jangajji (Korean pickles) and Korean-style cucumber Sobagi, utilizing local ingredients.

The following day’s cultural exchange charity event was a collaborative effort between OCI Holdings, the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), and Green Generation, a local social enterprise. This event successfully raised 300 million won ($224,534), with proceeds aimed at supporting local projects for the disabled and youth in Malaysia.

OCI Holdings also announced its intention to collaborate with Malaysian educational institutions, focusing on enhancing educational programs for the disabled. This reflects the company’s broader commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

Sarawak is a pivotal location for OCI Holdings, housing a facility that produces 35,000 tons of solar-grade polysilicon annually. In a related development, OCI-Kumho, a joint venture between OCIM and Kumho P&B Chemicals, is preparing to produce 100,000 tons of epichlorohydrin (ECH) annually. ECH is a critical component used in epoxy for electric vehicles and wind turbine blades. The start of this production, slated for next year, represents a significant expansion of OCI Holdings’ industrial footprint, aligning with global trends in sustainable energy and materials.

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