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Nexon’s “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” Secures Chinese Game Service License

uth Korean Developer Nexon Korea Corp. Receives Approval to Launch Anticipated Mobile Game in China
South Korea
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Nexon Korea Corp., a prominent South Korean online game developer, has successfully obtained a foreign game license (banhao) for its highly anticipated “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” from the Chinese government, marking a significant milestone for the company’s expansion efforts in China. The license, issued by the Chinese National Press and Publication Administration, allows Nexon to legally offer “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” to the vast Chinese gaming market.

This recent development indicates a renewed opportunity for Nexon in China, following a previous license received in 2017 for the same title and an attempted launch in 2020 in partnership with Tencent that was unexpectedly canceled despite garnering over 60 million pre-reservations. “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” made its debut in the South Korean market in 2022 and has since been awaited by Chinese gamers.

The licensing process in China differentiates between domestic games (neizi) and foreign games (waizi), with the latter requiring approval for titles developed by overseas companies. Nexon’s achievement in securing the banhao for “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” underscores the game’s potential impact and popularity in the Chinese gaming ecosystem.

Additionally, Neowiz’s idle mobile game “Cats & Soup,” developed by Hidea and acquired by Neowiz in 2021, also received a foreign game license, alongside Netmarble’s “The King of Fighters All Star,” which leverages SNK’s intellectual property. These approvals signal a positive trend for South Korean game developers looking to enter or expand their presence in the Chinese market, one of the largest and most lucrative gaming markets globally.

The successful issuance of these licenses reflects the growing appeal of South Korean game titles in China and the potential for further collaboration and expansion by South Korean gaming companies in the region. As the Chinese gaming landscape continues to evolve, such developments are closely watched by industry players and gamers alike, anticipating the introduction of innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

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