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Nexon Strengthens Middle Eastern Presence with UAE Subsidiaries

Launch of blockchain gaming ventures like Nexpace and MapleStory N to mark a new era in Nexon's expansion
South Korea
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South Korea’s NEXON Games. made a strategic move by establishing its presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) towards the end of last year. This expansion is aimed at bolstering Nexon’s blockchain gaming initiatives in the Middle Eastern market, a region of growing importance to the company. Nexon, a leading name in online game development, unveiled two subsidiaries in the UAE: Nexon Universe Global and Nexpace. These entities represent key components of Nexon’s ambitious plans to widen its project scope, encompassing ventures such as Nexpace and MapleStory N.

Nexpace, introduced last year, is a blockchain game project that highlights Nexon’s innovative approach to gaming, integrating its well-known intellectual property, MapleStory, with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. This combination signifies Nexon’s effort to merge traditional gaming success with new-age blockchain technology, offering a unique experience to gamers. The much-anticipated launch of MapleStory N in select countries this year marks a pivotal step in Nexon’s strategy to expand its blockchain gaming portfolio, potentially setting a new standard in the industry.

This expansion into the UAE is indicative of Nexon’s recognition of the Middle East as a vital market for blockchain gaming. By establishing subsidiaries in the region, Nexon is positioning itself to capitalize on the growing interest in blockchain technology and gaming, further solidifying its presence in the global gaming industry.

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