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NCSOFT and Obigo Team Up to Develop AI Services for Smart Cars

Collaboration to Focus on Personalized AI Solutions for Future Autonomous Connected Car Environments
South Korea
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NCSOFT Corp., a South Korean powerhouse in game development and publishing, is steering its innovative prowess towards the automotive industry. On Monday, the company announced a partnership with Obigo Inc., a domestic smart car platform company, through a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This collaboration aims to revolutionize the driving experience by developing personalized AI technology services for vehicles, particularly in the realm of autonomous and connected cars.

Under this MOU, the two companies will focus on crafting AI solutions tailored to drivers’ needs, optimizing them for the rapidly approaching era of autonomous connected vehicles. This initiative will also include concerted marketing efforts to bring these services to market.

NCSOFT is set to contribute its “Vargo Large Language Model (LLM),” a groundbreaking development in the domestic gaming industry, for the enhancement of vehicle services. This AI technology is expected to be adept at learning from text, audio, images, and more, distilling these into concise content, and delivering them in a manner that is personalized for each driver.

Obigo’s role in this venture involves developing and producing AI vehicle services based on the Vargo LLM. Their first joint project, the Obigo Briefing Service, is already creating a buzz and is scheduled to be showcased at CES 2024, the world’s premier consumer technology trade show, in January next year.

This partnership between NCSOFT and Obigo marks a significant stride in integrating advanced AI technology into the automotive sector. It represents a bold step forward in creating more intelligent, connected, and personalized driving experiences, aligning with the global trend towards smarter, more autonomous vehicles.

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