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Naver Cloud’s Whalebook Sees Distribution Triple, Expanding Educational Impact

Whalebook, optimized for interactive learning, grows in educational sectors of Korea and Mongolia, featuring unique AI and remote control functions
South Korea
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Naver Cloud, the cloud computing division of South Korea’s Naver Corp., has announced a significant milestone for its educational device, Whalebook, witnessing a threefold increase in distribution volume compared to last year. Introduced in 2021, Whalebook runs on the custom-developed Whale OS and has rapidly gained traction in the educational technology sector.

Whalebook is tailored to enhance various learning activities, including class management and screen annotations. The device is equipped with an array of educational tools such as Whale Space, Naver Works, and Polaris Office. Its design includes a unique Whalebook Keyboard, featuring a Clova AI activation button and a dedicated Naver search key. Additionally, the device comes with a Digital Pen, specifically crafted for the Whalebook’s touch display, enhancing the interactive learning experience.

A notable feature introduced this year is the remote control function within its class management system. This innovative feature allows instructors to monitor student screens in real time, distribute materials, and offer remote assistance to students when needed.

Looking ahead, Whalebook is set to launch a focus mode feature in the next semester. This function will enable instructors to restrict website access during class, allowing students to concentrate on specified websites only.

In a significant expansion, Naver Cloud began providing approximately 22,000 Whalebook and Whale Space packages to 725 primary, middle, and high schools across Mongolia and Korea starting December. This initiative marks a substantial growth in Whalebook’s distribution and reflects Naver Cloud’s commitment to revolutionizing the educational landscape with advanced technology. This move not only strengthens Naver Cloud’s position in the educational tech market but also underscores its role in fostering interactive and efficient learning environments.

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