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Mirae Asset Securities Surpasses 30 Trillion Won in Overseas Stock Investments

Company achieves industry-first milestone amid strong performance of US stocks
South Korea
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Mirae Asset Securities has become the first in the industry to surpass 30 trillion won (approximately $21.63 billion) in overseas stock investments. The company announced on June 20 that the assets invested in overseas stocks through its platform exceeded 30 trillion won as of June 14. This marks a significant growth from 2017, when the overseas stock balance was just 1 trillion won, reflecting a thirtyfold increase over seven years.

The overseas stock balance at Mirae Asset Securities has surged by 6.7 trillion won so far this year. This growth is attributed to the record-breaking performance of the New York Stock Exchange since the beginning of the year, which has bolstered investor sentiment. During this period, the valuation gains of customers’ overseas stocks have risen by 5.5 trillion won.

Investors have predominantly held stocks in Nvidia, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, and Broadcom. As of June 14, the average returns on these stocks were 192% for Nvidia, -7% for Tesla, 54% for Microsoft, 57% for Apple, and 203% for Broadcom.

Mirae Asset Securities’ achievement follows another milestone reached last year when the company surpassed 30 trillion won in pension assets in July. This latest accomplishment underscores Mirae Asset’s leading position in the industry and its success in expanding its overseas investment portfolio.

As Mirae Asset Securities continues to grow its overseas stock investments, it sets a new benchmark in the industry, driven by strategic investments and favorable market conditions. The company’s success highlights its ability to adapt to and capitalize on global market opportunities, providing robust returns for its investors.




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