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MinebeaMitsumi Ventures into Power Semiconductor Realm with Hitachi Acquisition

MinebeaMitsumi is set to acquire Hitachi's power semiconductor business, a strategic move in its pursuit of niche leadership in power semiconductors. This acquisition aims to enhance Minebea's capabilities in a rapidly evolving market
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MinebeaMitsumi has unveiled plans to acquire Hitachi’s power semiconductor business, specifically, all shares of Hitachi Power Devices. This move, expected to be valued around 40 billion yen, aligns with Minebea’s vision to become a niche leader in the power semiconductor industry.

Hitachi Power Devices, established in 2013, focuses on three core product groups: IGBT and SiC power semiconductors, high-voltage ICs, and diodes, with a particular emphasis on applications in electric vehicles and wind power generators for railways. The acquisition will bolster Minebea’s capabilities, allowing them to offer integrated solutions from development to production.

Yoshihisa Kainuma, chairman of MinebeaMitsumi, highlights the significance of the acquisition, particularly the addition of advanced packaging technology to Minebea’s existing chip manufacturing capabilities. This integration positions Minebea to develop a vertically integrated business, strengthening its presence in the power semiconductor market.

The introduction of SG-IGBT, a proprietary technology of Hitachi Power Devices, is set to further enhance Minebea’s offerings. By combining SG-IGBT with Minebea’s chip manufacturing technology, Minebea aims to achieve performance levels comparable to SiC in silicon power devices.

As Minebea looks ahead, it plans to focus on niche areas within the power semiconductor market, including electric railways and power grids, rather than targeting mass markets like automobiles. This strategic approach aligns with the company’s vision of achieving high margins in specialized segments.

In addition to strengthening its market position, Minebea intends to leverage IGBT and SiC power devices in its own power supply products, maximizing the potential of its proprietary technologies. This acquisition represents a pivotal step in Minebea’s growth strategy in the analog semiconductor field.

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