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MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300: Industry’s Most Powerful AI Processor

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During the Arm Tech Symposia 2023, MediaTek’s executive deputy general manager and CTO, Zhou Yujun, revealed the forthcoming AI flagship chip, Dimensity 9300. This cutting-edge chip incorporates the latest Arm CPU and GPU IP, complemented by MediaTek’s in-house processor. With support for numerous languages, it is poised to become the most potent AI processor in the industry.

Zhou Yujun emphasized that AI is on the verge of revolutionizing the semiconductor landscape. Generative AI is anticipated to spawn a host of new application fields, particularly in sectors like automotive, cloud computing, and customized chips. From a product perspective, distinctions between cloud-based AI and edge AI will become more pronounced. While the cloud is adept at handling complex computations, edge computing will cater to specific terminal applications. The advent of new applications may also usher in fresh algorithms, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

Zhou Yujun further analyzed the potential impact of generative AI on IC design companies. When applied effectively, generative AI has the potential to significantly enhance per capita productivity. For instance, smartphone IC design is intricate, involving diverse elements such as communications, technology applications, and various IPs. Generative AI has the capacity to expedite the learning process, thereby boosting productivity.

The Arm Technology Forum witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with over 2,600 semiconductor industry professionals in attendance. The focus of the Taipei event centered on Edge Compute on AI, delving into the application of AI in edge computing. Distinguished guests including Cheng Shijia, co-founder and CEO of iKala, Zhou Yujun, executive vice president and CTO of MediaTek, and Zeng Zhiguang, president of Arm Taiwan, engaged in insightful discussions about the trajectory of AI technology, its integration in smartphones and AIoT, and its pivotal role in propelling semiconductor industry growth through ecosystem collaboration.

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