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MediaTek Sees 12.7% Revenue Growth in June, Reaches Highest in Three Months

MediaTek's Q2 Revenue Meets Forecast Despite Quarterly Dip, Annual Growth of 29.6%
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MediaTek (2454) reported consolidated revenue of NT$43.092 billion in June, marking the highest level in the past three months. This represents a 2.2% increase from May and a 12.7% growth compared to June of last year. For the second quarter, MediaTek’s consolidated revenue totaled NT$127.27 billion, despite a 4.6% quarterly decline, it still achieved an impressive annual growth of 29.6%. The first half of the year saw consolidated revenue of NT$260.729 billion, reflecting a robust annual increase of 34.5%.

The company had projected its Q2 revenue to be between NT$121.4 billion and NT$133.5 billion, and the actual results fell within this range. MediaTek has set a full-year revenue growth target in U.S. dollars of mid-teens percentage (14% to 16%), drawing attention to its performance outlook for the latter half of the year. However, the company’s stock price fell by NT$25 yesterday, closing at NT$1,435, with foreign investors selling over 1,088 shares, ending a streak of two consecutive purchases.

With AI-powered mobile phones expected to gain popularity, MediaTek anticipates that its performance in all revenue categories will see growth this year, particularly in mobile phones. The company’s “Dimensity 9300+” chip boasts an AI computing power of 68 TOPS, significantly higher than the 40 TOPS required for AI PC NPUs today.

Market attention is also focused on MediaTek’s upcoming flagship mobile chip, the “Dimensity 9400,” set to be released in Q4. Currently in the wafer production stage using TSMC’s advanced 3nm process, the Dimensity 9400 could potentially enter Samsung’s Galaxy S25 supply chain, further strengthening MediaTek’s position in the market.

Additionally, MediaTek’s subsidiary, Xiaojinji Dafa, reported June revenue of NT$1.724 billion, the highest in two years, showing a monthly increase of 6.4% and an annual rise of 33.8%. The subsidiary’s Q2 revenue was NT$4.898 billion, up 28% quarterly and 39.3% annually, also setting a two-year high. For the first half of the year, consolidated revenue reached NT$8.725 billion, marking an annual increase of 33.2%.




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