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Mazda Opens Tokyo Office to Forge Tech Alliances and Drive Innovation

New Roppongi base aims to enhance collaboration with startups and engineers, focusing on electrification and digital transformation
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Mazda Motor is making strategic moves to align with the fast-evolving automotive landscape, marked by electrification and digitization. The company, rooted in Hiroshima, Japan, has unveiled a new office in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between Mazda and the burgeoning startup ecosystem, along with the skilled software engineers residing in the capital.

Occupying the 33rd floor, the Tokyo office features an open workspace conducive to fostering discussions and collaborations, accommodating around 80 individuals. Initially, it will house approximately 20 employees from departments crucial to Mazda’s future: new mobility services, electrification, digital innovation, and human resources.

Mazda’s executive officer, Noriyuki Takimura, emphasized the need for this new space, citing the dynamic entry of diverse companies into the automotive sector, fueled by digital innovation. This move aims to facilitate interactions with startups, particularly noting that 65% of Japan’s startups are concentrated in Tokyo.

This strategic expansion complements Mazda’s existing Tokyo branch and Yokohama research and development center, positioning the company at the heart of innovation. By establishing a presence in Roppongi, Mazda seeks to attract talent and foster partnerships with entities outside the traditional auto industry, addressing social challenges and advancing technological solutions.

Furthermore, Mazda acknowledges the challenges in attracting talent to Hiroshima in a growing remote work environment. The Tokyo office not only serves as a hub for innovation but also as a beacon for recruitment, particularly targeting software engineers critical to advancing autonomous driving and infotainment systems. Through this initiative, Mazda is poised to navigate the future of mobility, leveraging Tokyo’s vibrant tech landscape.

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