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Lotte Chemical Forges Alliance with CIP for Ammonia Energy Projects

Deal to focus on blue and green ammonia supply, bolstering global low carbon energy initiatives
South Korea
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South Korea’s Lotte Chemical Corp. has solidified a foundational agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), setting the stage for a significant venture into the sustainable energy sector. This collaboration centers on the procurement and distribution of blue ammonia from facilities under CIP’s management, notably including the St. Charles project in Louisiana and the Murchison project in Australia. The St. Charles facility is poised to produce approximately 2.8 million tons of ammonia annually, with CIP maintaining a predominant stake and projecting operational status by 2027. Concurrently, the Murchison initiative in Australia represents a groundbreaking venture, designed to harness wind and solar energy for the production of hydrogen and ammonia, earmarked for export.

This partnership is not just limited to supply agreements but extends to deliberations on joint ventures in low carbon ammonia projects worldwide, indicating a strategic pivot towards sustainable energy solutions. The collaboration aligns with South Korea’s aggressive energy transition policies, positioning the nation as a burgeoning market for clean hydrogen and ammonia. Both firms acknowledge the enduring relevance of blue and green ammonia in the energy landscape, as they transition from conventional fossil-based production to more sustainable methods. This memorandum of understanding marks a pivotal step in Lotte’s shift towards hydrogen energy, emphasizing a commitment to green hydrogen production and its transportation to Korea for industrial applications, mirroring CIP’s dedication to renewable energy investments globally.

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