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LG Innotek Targets Quintuple Growth in Automotive Electronics, Eyes Leadership in Advanced Technologies

CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong Unveils Ambitious 5-Year Plan to Escalate Sales to 5 Trillion Won, Expands Focus on Semiconductor Glass Substrates
South Korea
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LG Innotek, under the visionary leadership of CEO Cheol-Dong Jeong, has unveiled an ambitious strategy to amplify its automotive electronics sales from the current 2 trillion won to an impressive 5 trillion won over the next five years. Addressing the media post his confirmation as an inside director, Moon detailed the company’s robust roadmap, anchored by a significant 13 trillion won order backlog in the automotive camera sector from its Optics Solution Business Unit.

The strategic blueprint underscores LG Innotek’s foundational “No. 1 DNA,” a legacy of leading the optics solution segment alongside global tech giants, now set to replicate in the semiconductor substrate and electronic systems components domains. With a focus on innovation and market leadership, the company is also exploring potential collaborations with prestigious automakers like Mercedes-Benz to fortify its electronic systems portfolio.

Jeong’s revelation about the company’s venture into the semiconductor glass substrate sector, especially in partnership with a leading U.S. semiconductor firm, marks a pivotal shift from traditional plastic bases to glass. This transition is aimed at accommodating the increasingly intricate semiconductor circuits, with glass substrates offering superior performance and efficiency. LG Innotek’s strategic pivot to glass substrates highlights its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring enhanced product performance and energy efficiency in the semiconductor industry.

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