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LG Energy Solution Innovates with Advanced Battery Technology

First to Implement Cell-to-Pack Technology in Pouch-Type Batteries, Enhancing Efficiency and Safety
South Korea
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LG Energy Solution has marked a significant milestone in the battery industry by becoming the first manufacturer to integrate cell-to-pack technology into pouch-type batteries. This innovation, announced on June 27, positions LG at the forefront of battery technology, offering enhanced efficiency and safety features.

Cell-to-pack technology eliminates the need for modules in the battery assembly process. Instead, battery cells are directly assembled into the pack, significantly boosting energy density and capacity by utilizing the space previously occupied by modules. This approach also reduces the number of components, leading to decreased manufacturing time and costs.

While some Chinese manufacturers have adopted this technology for prismatic batteries, they do not face the same heat transfer issues as pouch batteries. LG’s advancement addresses these challenges with sophisticated heat transfer prevention technology, mitigating the risk of battery fires and enhancing safety.

The typical battery cell operates between 2.5 to 4.5 volts, but electric vehicles and energy storage systems require higher capacity and power, traditionally achieved through modularization. LG’s cell-to-pack method circumvents this, allowing for more compact and powerful battery packs.

This development underscores LG Energy Solution’s commitment to innovation and safety in battery technology, setting a new standard in the industry and potentially accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and energy storage systems worldwide.

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