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Largan Partners with Ministry of Economic Affairs to Launch Wanyi Energy for Advanced Battery Materials

Joint venture set to innovate in the lithium battery sector with titanium niobate anode materials, eyeing the burgeoning electric bus and energy storage markets
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Largan Precision Co., renowned for its optical lens manufacturing prowess, has embarked on a strategic collaboration with Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to establish Wanyi Energy. This new venture aims to revolutionize the lithium battery industry by focusing on the development and production of titanium niobate (TNO) anode materials, targeting key applications in electric buses and energy storage systems.

During a press conference held today, Largan, alongside the Ministry and the Industrial Research Institute, unveiled Wanyi Energy, symbolizing a significant stride in the tripartite collaboration involving industry, government, and academia. The Industrial Research Institute is contributing its technological expertise, while Largan is injecting approximately 440 million yuan ($63 million) to harness its material technology strengths for lithium battery market expansion.

Wanyi Energy is gearing up to launch a pilot production line in Taichung this year, starting with a modest capacity of 24 tons, projected to escalate to 600 tons by 2026. This scale-up aims to cater to the growing demands of both local and international battery cell manufacturers. The anticipated output aligns with the company’s revenue forecast, aiming for 1 billion yuan by 2026, backed by engagements with various module factory clients worldwide.

Highlighting the transformative potential of titanium niobate, Chen Jinming, chairman of Wanyi Energy, emphasized its superior performance over conventional graphite anodes. The material’s rapid charging capabilities, extended lifespan, safety, and low-temperature operational efficiency present a substantial leap forward, particularly for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

Initially, Wanyi Energy will concentrate on electrifying the bus sector, exploiting titanium niobate’s swift charging feature. The application promises not only rapid energy replenishment but also reduced battery size, enhancing operational efficiency and vehicle capacity. Future plans include broadening the scope to drones and hybrid vehicles, underscoring the material’s versatility and its potential to reshape the energy landscape.

With the global lithium battery market projected to hit $450 billion by 2030, Wanyi Energy’s inception is a timely move, positioning Largan and its partners at the forefront of the green energy revolution, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving sector.

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