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Kyobo Life and Japan’s SBI Group Forge Strategic Partnership in Digital Finance

Collaboration Aims to Advance Digital Financial Ecosystems and Security Token Offerings
South Korea
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Kyobo Life Insurance Group and Japan’s SBI Group have formalized a strategic business partnership to enhance collaboration in digital finance and technology. This partnership builds on their ongoing cooperation since 2022, particularly in the venture capital and fintech sectors, including a joint venture capital fund in Southeast Asia.

The agreement aims to facilitate the exchange of technological expertise between Kyobo Life and SBI Group, unlocking new business opportunities in the digital space. One of the key areas of focus is the creation of a domestic digital financial ecosystem in Korea. Additionally, both companies are exploring the potential of Security Token Offerings (STOs) by working with consortiums to innovate in this area.

STOs leverage blockchain technology to issue tokens based on specific assets, enhancing transparency and accessibility to traditional investment products. The partnership will see Kyobo Life and SBI Group identify opportunities in the issuance and distribution of STOs and conduct joint research to advance this technology.

Kyobo Securities, a subsidiary of Kyobo Life, is central to these efforts. The firm has been actively developing its STO business, aiming to meet global standards through strategic networking and consortium-building among securities companies. This initiative is part of Kyobo Securities’ broader strategy to penetrate the STO market and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step for both Kyobo Life and SBI Group, positioning them at the forefront of digital finance innovation and expanding their influence in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape​​​​.

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