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Kumho Tire Set to Invest $750 Million in First European Plant Amid Growing Demand

Strategically positioning to serve major automakers, Kumho eyes Romania, Serbia, Portugal, and Turkey for its new facility, enhancing regional supply chain resilience
South Korea
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Kumho Tire Co., the second-largest tire manufacturer in South Korea, has announced ambitious plans to invest over 1 trillion won ($750.8 million) in constructing its inaugural European manufacturing facility by 2027. This strategic move is designed to directly cater to the burgeoning demand from prestigious European automakers, including Mercedes-Benz AG and BMW, particularly in the context of the ongoing Red Sea shipping disruptions.

The company is currently evaluating Romania, Serbia, Portugal, and Turkey as potential sites for this significant expansion, with the decision-making process set to conclude by year-end, factoring in various incentives and subsidies offered by the local and federal governments. This development marks a pivotal shift for Kumho, which has historically serviced European markets from its Vietnamese plant, leveraging the region’s access to essential raw materials like natural rubber.

The decision to establish a European base comes in the wake of supply chain challenges exacerbated by geopolitical tensions, notably the Houthi Militia’s disruptions in the Red Sea, impacting the Suez Canal’s usual maritime traffic. These incidents have not only escalated freight costs by over 10% but also extended delivery timelines, prompting Kumho to reassess its logistical strategies to ensure uninterrupted supply to its key European clients.

Kumho’s European venture is aligned with its commitment to sustainability, with plans to construct the plant in accordance with the RE100 initiative, signifying a complete transition to renewable energy by 2050. This approach is in sync with the stringent Scope 3 emissions standards of the European Union, ensuring that both Kumho and its suppliers adhere to renewable energy mandates.

The forthcoming facility, projected to roll out 12 million units annually, will focus on producing high-end tire models, including the Ennov series designed for electric vehicles, thereby bolstering Kumho’s supply of original equipment (OE) to Europe’s luxury automotive sector. This expansion is not just a response to immediate logistical challenges but a long-term strategic move to tap into the flourishing European tire market, projected to escalate significantly by 2033.

Kumho’s proactive expansion reflects a broader industry trend, with South Korean peers like Hankook Tire & Technology and Nexen Tire Corp also ramping up their European production capacities. This collective regional focus underscores the strategic importance of Europe in the global tire industry’s future, marking a new era of growth and opportunity for Kumho Tire.

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