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Kayac Surpasses 1 Billion Downloads with Hyper-Casual Games

In just over four years, Kayac's innovative approach to game development propels its hyper-casual titles to global success
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Twenty-eight hyper-casual game titles in the portfolio of Kayac Inc. have achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 1 billion downloads worldwide. This achievement, coming approximately four years and three months after their first game release, underscores the rapid growth and significant impact Kayac has made in the hyper-casual gaming sector. Kayac’s game entertainment division, known for creating and operating both social and hyper-casual games including the popular “Our Koshien!” series with over 10 million downloads, has demonstrated exceptional agility, creative planning, and technical prowess. The hyper-casual game team, expanding from an initial team of four to about 30 members, emphasizes the joy and freedom in game creation, driving success in Kayac’s core business.

“We’re thrilled over our achievement of reaching a scale that was simply unimaginable in the social game business we first entered so long ago, and we’re grateful for this,” said the hyper-casual game team. “From the start, our goal was to create entertaining games that people would enjoy, and you’ll find the same fun in hyper-casual titles that you could way back then. At times when we were really struggling in the new social game business, rather than come up with some contrived reason to go on, we focused hard on a model that allows us to create relatable and enjoyable games, and by just enjoying our work, we’ve come out with amazing results. With ‘Our Koshien!’ going so strong now, we’re even just as we promised we’d be enjoying our work and creating interesting content. The fact that we’ve reached this 1 billion download milestone says something about the spirit of challenge that we specialize in here at Kayac, and lends a whole new level of meaning to our philosophy of ‘be joyful, be interesting.'” As a pioneering hyper-casual game developer, Kayac continues to innovate and hold a significant position in the global gaming market.

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