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KAYAC Partners with Culture Convenience Club to Introduce Tonamel Platform in TSUTAYA Stores Across Japan

The strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize trading card tournaments and local community engagement through digital tournament management
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KAYAC, the innovative company behind the tournament hosting and management platform Tonamel, has entered into a comprehensive agreement with Culture Convenience Club Company (CCC), the driving force behind TSUTAYA stores, to implement this advanced platform across its network in Japan. This partnership is set to transform the traditional trading card tournament scene, aligning with CCC’s vision of evolving TSUTAYA into a hub of community interaction and a beacon of the new-era experience-based bookstore.

Culture Convenience Club, adhering to its motto “Love is what we live for,” is dedicated to fostering local community bonds through TSUTAYA stores. The stores have been pivotal in promoting popular trading card games and hosting competitive tournaments. With ambitious plans to expand their trading card store network significantly by the end of March 2026, CCC is set on enhancing the customer experience and broadening their community engagement footprint.

The integration of Tonamel into TSUTAYA’s member stores is a game-changer, transitioning from traditional paper-based management to a sophisticated digital platform. This shift promises to streamline tournament operations, significantly reduce customer wait times, and elevate the efficiency of competitive gaming events.

About Tonamel: Tonamel is a user-friendly tournament organization tool designed to simplify the complexities of event management. It enables organizers to manage every aspect of a tournament seamlessly—from participant registration to real-time progress tracking and result dissemination. The platform supports a variety of tournament formats, including single and double elimination, Swiss draw, round robin, and free-for-all, catering to diverse gaming communities. Multilingual support broadens its accessibility, making it a preferred choice for both local and international events. Moreover, Tonamel’s “certified tournament support” offers incentives like prizes to organizers and participants, fostering a vibrant competitive atmosphere.

This collaboration between KAYAC and Culture Convenience Club marks a significant leap forward in modernizing how trading card tournaments are conducted in Japan. By leveraging Tonamel’s comprehensive features, TSUTAYA stores are poised to offer an enhanced and more engaging experience to trading card enthusiasts, promoting greater community involvement and delivering on their promise of creating a new-era bookstore that resonates with the local community’s pulse.

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