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Innolux and Chi Mei Medical Center Unveil Taiwan’s First Intelligent Chemotherapy Dispensing Robot Arm

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Chi Mei Medical Center partnered with Innolux to unveil Taiwan’s inaugural self-developed “intelligent chemotherapy dispensing robot arm.” Representing a significant leap in medical automation, Chi Mei Medical Center becomes the first hospital in southern Taiwan to utilize such cutting-edge technology. The dispensing robot’s operation with hazardous drugs has garnered considerable interest from multiple hospitals.

Yang Zhuxiang, General Manager of Innolux, expressed plans beyond domestic usage, stating that in addition to collaborating with Chi Mei Medical, the company intends to align with the government’s New Southbound Policy, aiming to internationalize this localized medical product.

President Lin Hongrong of Chi Mei Medical Center emphasized the uniqueness and cost-effectiveness of their joint creation, noting that while the only comparable equipment in Taiwan is imported and costs around 35 million yuan, their locally-developed version is deemed more economical and efficient. He revealed strong interest from several other hospitals, with Chi Mei Medical Center projecting a need for approximately three intelligent chemotherapy dispensing robot arms to accommodate its high patient volume.

Lin highlighted the heightened demand for pharmaceutical dispensing automation, especially in comparison to the significant reliance on manual labor by nurses and doctors. Innolux’s future plans include the development of a series of products in the medical automation field.

Yang Zhuxiang expressed optimism about the growth potential of the medical industry, citing its stable annual growth rate of 6-7%. He emphasized the increasing demand for medical care due to aging populations and rising diseases. Furthermore, potential post-war reconstruction efforts and the recent outbreak of mold in China driving the need for medical equipment contribute to the positive outlook.

Innolux’s recent innovations were showcased at the 2023 Taipei Science and Technology Medical Exhibition, where they introduced not only the intelligent chemotherapy dispensing robot arm but also Taiwan’s first autonomous lung cancer AI organ 3D reconstruction technology. The latter, developed in collaboration with Shin Kong Hospital, promises to enhance preoperative diagnoses for thoracic surgeons and serve as an immersive medical teaching platform. Additionally, Innolux’s subsidiary, Ruisheng Optoelectronics, showcased diverse AI software and hardware integration technologies, further contributing to the development of a comprehensive smart medical industry value chain.

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