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IMAGICA GROUP Sells Creative Talent Divisions to Born Digital

Strategic divestment aims to sharpen focus on core video production services, enhancing group profitability
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IMAGICA GROUP announced on February 8, 2024, its decision to divest its creative talent business segments, IMAGICA Digital Scape along with its affiliates IMAGICA ALOBAIS and Shonan Hi-Tech Kikaku, to Born Digital. The specifics regarding the timing and financials of the share transfer remain undisclosed, signaling a significant realignment within the industry.

IMAGICA Digital Scape, a prominent player in the creative talent domain, specializes in production solutions, human resources consulting, and staffing services, boasting a workforce of approximately 240. Its affiliates, IMAGICA ALOBAIS and Shonan Hi-Tech Kikaku, contribute to the group’s strength with their focus on IT solutions and technical education, employing around 70 and 100 individuals, respectively.

This divestiture aligns with IMAGICA GROUP’s objective to transform into a “highly profitable group” by concentrating on its video production and related core businesses. The sale to Born Digital, a company revered in the CG industry since 1995 for its specialized content and CGWORLD magazine publication, marks a pivotal shift. Born Digital’s commitment to fostering talent through seminars and its robust sales in CG production software position it as an ideal home for IMAGICA’s creative talent arms.

The transition not only promises growth and enhanced business value for the entities involved but also represents a considerable organizational expansion for Born Digital. The acquisition increases its workforce to over 400 employees, underscoring a substantial organizational evolution. This move is poised to streamline IMAGICA GROUP’s focus while bolstering Born Digital’s footprint in the creative and IT sectors.

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