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Hyundai Motor Company Appoints Former U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim as Advisor for Global Strategy

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Hyundai Motor Company has named former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Sung Kim, as an advisor, effective January next year. Recognized as a top expert on East Asia and the Korean Peninsula, Ambassador Kim’s appointment signals Hyundai’s strategic move to enhance its global presence and address challenges posed by geopolitical conflicts, climate issues, and evolving energy landscapes.

Ambassador Kim, known for his extensive experience in public service, began his career as a prosecutor in Los Angeles County before transitioning to diplomatic roles in 1988. His assignments included posts in Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia. Notably, he served as the head of the Korea Department at the U.S. Department of State in 2006 and later took on the crucial role of chief representative of the six-party talks and special envoy for North Korea in 2008. His expertise in Korean affairs earned him the position of U.S. Ambassador to Korea in 2011, marking a historic milestone as the first Korean ambassador since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Korea.

In his new advisory role with Hyundai Motor Company, Ambassador Kim is expected to play a vital part in shaping the company’s overseas market strategy, responding to global trade dynamics, and navigating policy challenges. His extensive experience and extensive human network developed over years of public service are anticipated to elevate Hyundai’s external networking capabilities.

Amid Hyundai’s strategic focus on the ASEAN market through initiatives such as the Indonesian plant, Singapore Global Innovation Center, and Thai subsidiary, Ambassador Kim’s advisory role is seen as instrumental in facilitating entry into local markets. Hyundai Motor Company expresses confidence that Ambassador Kim’s wealth of experience and regional expertise will significantly contribute to the company’s success in navigating the dynamic landscapes of global trade and diplomacy.

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