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Huawei and Sharp Forge Global Cross-Licensing Pact for 5G and 4G Patents

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In a significant move, Huawei Technologies and Sharp have inked a global cross-licensing agreement encompassing essential patents for cellular standards, prominently in the realms of 5G and 4G communications.

Mototaka Taneya, Chief Technical Officer of Sharp, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, emphasizing its foundation on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory conditions. Sharp, headquartered in Japan and controlled by Taiwanese electronics giant Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn), sees this pact as a testament to mutual recognition of intellectual property between two standard contributors, thereby promoting collaboration in standardization.

Alan Fan, Head of the Intellectual Property Department at Huawei, echoed the sentiment, underlining the significance of the license as a demonstration of mutual acknowledgment of intellectual property. Huawei, a key player in the telecommunications hardware sector, emphasized the collaborative aspect of the agreement, noting its collaboration with approximately 20 Japanese companies in intellectual property.

The specifics of the agreement’s duration were not disclosed in the releases. Typically, cross-licensing agreements facilitate reciprocal use of each party’s patents, eliminating the need for royalty payments. With Huawei holding a considerable portfolio of standard-essential patents, especially in 5G, the agreement signifies a strategic move to foster technological collaboration and standardization.

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